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Find the right memory for your Supermicro Superserver machine.

Supermicro memory upgrades

Get the right memory for your Supermicro Superserver machine in just one more click! Here at Memory Active, we've got nearly fifteen years experience in the complex RAM market. We've put all that knowledge into this configurator, so you can rest assured you'll find the right memory for your Supermicro machine.

Please select the model of your Supermicro Superserver machine from the list below.

1011M-Ni/NiB Memory6014H-82/82B Memory6024H-82R+/82R+B Memory
1025TC-10GB Memory6014H-i/iB Memory6024H-82R/82R Memory
1025TC-TB Memory6014H-i2/i2B Memory6024H-8R/8RB Memory
5010E Memory6014H-T/TB Memory6024H-i/iB Memory
5010H Memory6014H-X8/X8B Memory6024H-i2/i2B Memory
5011E Memory6014H-Xi/XiB Memory6024H-T/TB Memory
5011H Memory6014L-M4/M4B Memory6024H-TR/TRB Memory
5012B-6 Memory6014L-T/TB Memory6025B-3RV/3RB Memory
5012B-E Memory6014P-32/32B Memory6025B-3V/3B Memory
5013C-i/iB Memory6014P-32R/32RB Memory6025B-8/8B Memory
5013C-M/MB Memory6014P-8/8B Memory6025B-8R+V/8R+B Memory
5013C-M8/M8B Memory6014P-82/82B Memory6025B-T/TB Memory
5013C-MT/MTB Memory6014P-82R/82RB Memory6025B-TR+V/TR+B Memory
5013C-T/TB Memory6014P-8R/8RB Memory6025B-URV/URB Memory
5013G-6/6B Memory6014P-T/TB Memory6025C-URB Memory
5013G-i/iB Memory6014P-TR/TRB Memory6025W-NTR+/NTR+B Memory
5013G-M/MB Memory6014V-M4/M4B Memory6025W-URB/URV Memory
5013S-8/8B Memory6014V-T2/T2B Memory6031 Memory
5013S-i/iB Memory6015B-3RV/3RB Memory6033P-8R/8RB Memory
5014C-M8/M8B Memory6015B-3V/3B Memory6034H-X8R/X8RB Memory
5014C-MF/MFB Memory6015B-8+V/8+B Memory6035B-8/8B Memory
5014C-MR/MRB Memory6015B-8V/8B Memory6035B-8R+V/8R+B Memory
5014C-MT/MTB Memory6015B-Ni/NiB Memory6035B-8R/8RB Memory
5014C-T/TB Memory6015B-NTRV/NTRB Memory6040G/GB Memory
5015B-MF/MFB Memory6015B-NTV/NTB Memory6041G/GB Memory
5015B-MT/MTB Memory6015B-T+V/T+B Memory6113L-8/8B Memory
5015B-T/TB Memory6015B-TV/TB Memory6113L-i/iB Memory
5015M-MF+/MF+B Memory6015B-URV/URB Memory6113M-i/iB Memory
5015M-MF/MFB Memory6015B-UV/UB Memory6123L-8R/8RB Memory
5015M-MR+/MR+B Memory6015C-NTB/NTV Memory6123L-iR/iRB Memory
5015M-MR/MRB Memory6015C-NTRB/NTRV Memory7033A-T/TB Memory
5015M-MT+/MT+B Memory6015C-UB/UV Memory7034L-i/iB Memory
5015M-MT/MTB Memory6015C-URB/URV Memory7042M-6/6B Memory
5015M-Ni/NiB Memory6015P-8/8B Memory7042P-8R/8RB Memory
5015M-NTRV/NTRB Memory6015P-8R/8RB Memory7042S-i/iB Memory
5015M-NTV/NTB Memory6015P-T/TB Memory7043A-8R/8RB Memory
5015M-T+/T+B Memory6015P-TR/TRB Memory7043A-i Memory
5015M-T/TB Memory6015T-INFV/INFB Memory7043L-8R Memory
5015M-URV/URB Memory6015T-TV/TB Memory7043M-6/6B Memory
5015M-UV/UB Memory6015TC-10GB/10GV Memory7043M-8/8B Memory
5015P-8/8B Memory6015TC-TB/TV Memory7043P-8R/8RB Memory
5015P-8R/8RB Memory6015TW-INFB/INFV Memory7044A-82R/82RB Memory
5015P-T/TB Memory6015TW-TB/TV Memory7044H-32R/32RB Memory
5015P-TR/TRB Memory6015V-M3/M3B Memory7044H-82/82B Memory
5025M-4+/4+B Memory6015V-MR/MRB Memory7044H-82R+/82R+B Memory
5025M-4/4B Memory6015V-MRLP/MRLPB Memory7044H-82R/82RB Memory
5025M-i+/i+B Memory6015V-MT/MTB Memory7044H-T/TB Memory
5025M-i/iB Memory6015V-T/TB Memory7044H-TR/TRB Memory
5025M-URV/URB Memory6015V-TLP/TLPB Memory7044H-X8R/X8RB Memory
5033C-T/TB Memory6015W-NTB/NTV Memory7045A-3/3B Memory
5035B-TB Memory6015W-NTRB/NTRV Memory7045A-8/8B Memory
5035G-T/TB Memory6015W-UB/UV Memory7045A-T/TB Memory
6010-H Memory6015W-URB/URV Memory7045A-WTB Memory
6010-L Memory6015X-3V/3B Memory7045B-3/3B Memory
6011-D Memory6015X-8V/8B Memory7045B-8R+/8R+B Memory
6011-H Memory6015X-TV/TB Memory7045B-T/TB Memory
6011-HI Memory6021-F/FB Memory7045B-TR+/TR+B Memory
6011-L Memory6021-H/HB Memory7045W-NTR+B Memory
6012L-6 Memory6021-i/iB Memory8014T-T/TB Memory
6012P-6 Memory6022C/CB Memory8015C-T/TB Memory
6012P-8/8B Memory6022L-6/6B Memory8025C-3RB Memory
6012P-i/iB Memory6022P-6/6B Memory8042-6/6B Memory
6013A-T/TB Memory6022P-8/8B Memory8042-8/8B Memory
6013E-i/iB Memory6022P-8R/8RB Memory8044T-8R/8RB Memory
6013L-8/8B Memory6022P-i/iB Memory8045C-3R Memory
6013P-8+/8+B Memory6023L-8R/8RB Memory8050 Memory
6013P-8/8B Memory6023P-8/8B Memory8052-6 Memory
6013P-i/iB Memory6023P-8R/8RB Memory8052-8 Memory
6013P-T/TB Memory6023P-i/iB Memory8060 Memory
6014A-8/8B Memory6024H-32/32B Memory8060B Memory
6014H-32/32B Memory6024H-32R/32RB Memory
6014H-8/8B Memory6024H-82/82B Memory

Can't find your machine?

Don't despair! Drop us an email or ring us on 020 8453 9707 and we'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Finding the right memory for your Supermicro machine can seem intimidating, but with nearly 20 years experience we're confident we'll be able to help.

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